Member Benefits


There are many benefits for members of our Consulting service, whether you are a do-it-yourself hunter looking for tips on best units for trophy game, or you’d like the precision of “X marks the spot” to help make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime tag. We also have several packages to choose from, including the following options:

$75 per year:

  • Gain access to archive of hunting videos, including Governor tag hunts, draw hunts, etc.
  • Get my picks on the best odds and units for trophy hunting each year (these units do change from year to year). For more information, go to

$500 one-time fee:

  • Same benefits as $75 members, plus:
  • Gain access to Shawn’s knowledge of public land hot-spots that produce year after year. (“X Marks the Spot”)

10% Booking Fee:

  • Same benefits as $75 members, plus:
  • Receive great referrals to some of the best outfitter’s in other states, along with other guides in Utah which Shawn has gotten to know throughout his 25 year outfitting career.

$1500 fee:

  • Same benefits as $75 members, plus:
  • Semi-guided hunts for those who want to bring their own equipment.

For additional membership information contact Shawn Labrum, Click Here